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Oh Say Is That My Photographer?

Posted by AAWO on May 1, 2009

On the photographer front I must make some personal observations having worked with hundreds of them…There are nice ones and well….

GET RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE BRIDES THEMSELVES. Ask for 3 of their latest brides and ask for their phone numbers.

You will not believe how condescending some “artist”/people can be. Bottom line is apparently some vendors don’t realize we all breathe the same air! What you don’t want is someone who barely communicates and then on your big day they become brusque and demanding. There is never a reason for vendors to be curt.

If they can not communicate in a light hearted manner with you before you get married…On the day of…??? Forget it…they will be ogres and ruin your day. Trust me…I’ve seen the good…the bad and the ugly. L

Ask for a detailed list of the shots they intend to get. Don’t let them tell you the list. Ask for the list on paper. Then ask, if when they are shooting,…if they will do extra shots that you come up with…impromptu’s…say like 5-10 extra special shots….(like you girls are all dressed up goofing around and decide…hey…let’s all pretend we’re…whatever….)

Don’t get me wrong…there are some incredibly awesome, wonderful photographers out there…and I mean super people…I am just zeroing in on the bad apples here…the ones I don’t want you to get stuck with….So I am showing you how to circumvent them. 🙂

You should be able to communicate with them…as easily as you communicate with your best friend. You should feel comfortable…relaxed and not feel pressure or scared about asking anything. And if you do feel any of the above…just keep on looking. Because in the end…we all want you to be the happy bride!!! 🙂

Submitted by Marie Tyler Wiley
A CT Justice of the Peace


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