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AAWO Members can submit an article in two ways:

  • Email Jessie via to be set up as a Contributer.  Once you’re set up with a WordPress account, you can submit your article by adding a post.  You can edit your own formatting, add pictures, etc, using the “Add New” post feature.  Once you’ve been set up as a Contributor, you can always submit your articles this way.
  • Email your articles, along with the photos you’d like to use, to Jessie via  Pending approval, she will post them on the site for you.  They can be submitted in the body of the email, or as a Word Document attachment.

When submitting articles, please be sure to include any relevant photos or pictures you’d like used (along with credit for any photos that are not your own), a short bio, and a link to your own website!

Pictures & photos are definitely encouraged!

We reserve the right to edit your posts for grammar & formatting, but we will contact you if anything major will be changed.

Once an article has been approved, we’ll let you know when it will show up on the blog!

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