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If Rice is not an Option on your Wedding Day…

Posted by AAWO on April 8, 2009

What better day to try something different than on your wedding day? Remember  it’s Your Day ~ Your Way !!!  One small change that you can customize is the ‘rice throwing’. Granted not many people really throw rice anymore, but the sentiment of wishing the happy couple good luck is still there. So lets look some of the  options available:

– It’s the most traditional choice.  We’re cautioned not to throw rice at the bride and groom, because the grain will prove harmful to the birds who swoop down to eat it.  Uncooked, milled rice is no more harmful to birds than rice in the field, says Mary Jo Cheesman of the U S Rice Federation.  The birds are safe, but the guests could be injured if they were to slip and fall. If that’s not an issue, at your location, and the tradition of rice feels best to you then go for it!  They even sell it in a cooked format that is then shaped into wedding bells, doves, etc…

– Always nice to feed a few birds on your wedding day, but trying to get all that birdseed out of your hair is a nightmare and some facilities may feel the same way about birdseed as they do about rice!

– Fun and whimsical. They can be purchased in small favor sized bottles and even customized with the wedding information. Check your local Dollar Store for the best prices!!

– Beautiful thought to send butterflies free to fly around you, but you have to make sure the boxes you receive contain live butterflies and that you have enough to even be seen. Be sure to deal with a reputable vendor, only release on a day above 60 degrees and in the middle of the afternoon so they have time to find something to eat before they must find a place to roost for the night.

– Similar to butterflies.  Choose a reputable vendor and practice with them (before the ceremony) so you know the correct way to hold and release them.

Bells or other noisemakers
– Perfect for venues which don’t allow anything to be thrown, but be sure to let the little ones know they’re just to ring and not to throw!

– Can be bought in a variety of colors and glittering effects. However, it’s notoriously difficult to clean up even with vacuuming. For this reason most locations probably won’t allow it. On the plus side it can come in a variety of shapes and be great for a theme wedding even just spread out on the reception tables.

– Fantastic effect for an evening  wedding. Get the larger ones so that the sparkle will last longer.  They also make them with a wood center (rather than metal) so they are safer for youngsters.

Flower Petals or Lavender
– Very romantic and beautiful to see a shower of petals/buds. They are easier to clean up then confetti and without the hassle of birdseed getting in your hair.

Submitted by Reverend Melanie J. Maxwell
Infinite Blessings Ministries


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